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Isis Dracul


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Born: February 09, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 0
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11/06/19 at 12:40 pm
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Champagne, cocaine, gasoline
And most things in between
I roam the city in a shopping cart
A pack of camels and a smoke alarm
This night is heating up
Raise hell and turn it up
Saying "If you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe"
Oh yeah,

Don't threaten me with a good time!!!
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Ronan Boru

Sheridan _J Mayfair

Last five threads posted in:
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/28/19 -Sheridan knew if he pressed it she get angry so he says nothing more. He had hit a nerve and that was all he wanted to do. He knew that Rowan would never allow anything to happen to him or Nia financially. He had the money well take care of but he had planted the what if seed there in her head of things gone wrong. He also knew she could defend her self but the point was she didn’t tell him anything about Frankie until she showed up looking for him that night two years ago . She had kept it from him. She had kept secrets from him as well.-
“I am not going to sit here and play The Who was wrong game with you Isis. I have gotten enough of that with others thanks. You want answers cafe du monde later. Bring who ever you want. You will find me there I am sure easy enough.”
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/27/19 “ really I lied to you? Okay let’s talk about lies then shall we and choices made. You go help a nyc det and get yourself killed for her because she figure out that her lt is a crooked cop . I was never told a word of this till she shows up with a damn letter and a yellow damned rose from you in a box. Yet because you were dead I had to what give up my life and not work so nia can live in poverty and she knew why I took the job with ncis . Before you ask yes there are many agents who have family. The wife and kids and are fine. So exactly how was I going to tell a dead family member anything now? Oh what didn’t think of that now did you? What do you want from me Isis to swear I’m not going to get hurt or shot? Is that it? I can’t even if I went back to the pd .”
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "Isis I didnt have a choice they need some one who knew the language and could fit in that way . I dont work for NOPD anymore. If they had a agent that they could of sent they would of and I wouldnt of been asked. I dont plan on doing Deep cover again fora long long time. They arent more important . This would of had an effect on every one including you all here if it was allowed to happen with out things being done. "
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "It wasnt a extra curricular activity. It was for work. A cat fight or a bar fight would of been a cake walk compared to RPG to the face so to say in the middle of ass no where in the Middle East thanks to insurgents fighters." - Helets her look him over.- " cuts adn brusies and a few broken ribs along with a torn ACL in my right knee. Happens when your helicopter is shot down after you get pulled out of a deep cover op."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 -He steps out of the shadows. He had some bruises still on his face and a few cuts that had butterfly closure bandages on them. He had a cane but he wasn't really leaning on it.-
"You want to see what is what I can show you ."
- He takes a deep breath and looks at her.-
"Right now no I dont think I could. you want to know m ore come find me in the quarter. I will tell you anything you want t o know. Bring Mona if you want too . I dont care anymore. YOu want the truth come if not then I wil get the point and leave y o both to what ever your wants are."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 “Yeah well I’m not a fly boy am I? “ - he stays a bit in to the shadows his right side not visible to her- “ You always did like them as toys. You couldn’t handle a solider or sailor as easy. “ - Sheridan had taken a beating on that mission in the end and was lucky to be home in one piece let alone alive.-
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "Ah I see. I cant tell you more then I did. If I did I would have to kill you. -He laughs a bit- No seriously though I would have to perma-death you if you knew more. This is above your pay grade right now. Sorry darlin'."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "There are always choices.Please tell me its not so you could feel closer to me. That would mean there was still a beating small heart in there some where. So now what are you going to do?" -He looks at her-
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "I do. Everyone wears masks darlin' even now. You are to hide that you think I could care less and thinking I would rather you walked away and never returned. Not the case but they are your choices to make."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 "I do and I remember the role was reversed and it was in Jackson square park in the quarter. As I said all choices lie with the respective family members on the contact or lack of they want with me. Rowan and Michael have been great. Nia well she a bit unsure what to think but then again she is 16 and more then likely a bit pissed. She will come around she always does."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 Fairy tales are a waste but sometimes depending on the story and people it can happen. I came back because New Orleans is my home. I came back because my family is here even though they ALL make me crazy as hell I came back for them and my city.My family can make the call in the end if they want or need me here. So the choice remains with Nia and other members if they want anything or not. Doesnt change the fact that I'm a Mayfair and NOLA is home. I am not going to be the lost puppy though."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 I am no longer part of the Nola PD. I work now of NCIS here in New Orleans. So yeah I am not who I used to be." - He take a drink.- "You expected to see the longing little boy lost didnt you? two years in deep cover changes a person . I am here now just need to shake the old 2 year alias off a nd get back to me again and do cases closer to home."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/26/19 'Right and if any of you knew you all of been targets for some very sick and messed up people. So you know it is what it is and you can believe what you want. My style? I dont think I had one. Oh did you expect the little boy lost returned? Sorry to disappoint. "- He steps out of the shadows.- "Better then now for you?"-He tosses her a bottle of rum.- "Dont worry that bottle is plastic."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 "I owe you nothing of the sort. It isnt my fault you couldnt hold on to the bottle. What no boy toy tonight to play with? Seems you have been slipping then."
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 "Did you honestly think I was in there? You should of know better then lat mon ama. I was never dead I was running a undercover op for NCIS here in New Orleans instead.I got status reports on every one here monthly" - He laughs a bit.-
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 "Still getting threats I see of a good time from anyone stupid enough to fall for your lines and mona's of free drinks and fun. The more things change the more they stay the same." - He looks at her from the shadows.-
Smith 03/01/19

It had been some time since he'd been detected, and Smith's ever-present frown glanced over at the one addressing him.

"You should be careful asking questions you do not wish to know the answer to." he responded.

With that vague statement, his body began to lose definition. Not organically, like some sort of amorphous blob, but suddenly and with a strange pixelated pattern, like a video call over a poor network connection. He uttered one more thing before disappearing entirely.

"M̪a̦y̘b͖̪̲̱̜ͅe̲̠͍̝̼̜ ̹̪̜̖y̟̜͕͇̱̯͓o̟̖̱̜̝̳͍u̫̞͇͇͓ ͍̝̮̥̬̰̖w̝̯i̲̞̠͈͉l̯̯̤̻͕l͙͕̞ͅ ̠̟͎͍le͇̫͓a̺̗̥r͙̙̗̠n͎͖̰̰̱̥̺ ̦̣̙͇͇͕o̥͇̜̙n̩͚̞̩̥ͅe͈̮̬͕̥͕ ̦̞̦͖̬̭̹d̻a̖̫̯̫̪̺̫y̻."

Zarek 02/28/19 Tilting his head he inhaled lightly as something on the wind shifted and a new scent caught his attention. "I am not sure that I can remember. Such a devastating blow seems to have addled my senses." Placing a hand to his chest as if he was wounded by such a little thing. "Perhaps you would be so good as to allow me to accompany you until I am well again?"
Zarek 02/28/19 Looking down at her Zarek couldn't help but smile to himself. It was such a little knock that it barely seemed worthwhile to apologize for it, but it spoke of some character that she thought too. "Think nothing of it. We all live in our own little worlds. It those little bumps along the track that allow us to enter another's." Stepping back a little he held the door open for her, a half sardonic grin on his lips. "Permit me. This way you don't knock into someone else's world."
Geoffrey Drake 02/12/19 Guy noted the woman's sly smile. The lick of her lips didn't impress him. Nothing about her gave him any interest above a welcome and offer of assistance. "However you are not my 'type'. " He ambled off toward home and his mate Wisteria.
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 That is possible of course. You might not know w hat it is yet and you might never know. Its just one of those things that you might never get an answer to.Just do what yo gotta do.
Geoffrey Drake 02/09/19 "Welcome to the Realm." Guy smiled and nodded at the woman. "If you need help or have questions. Just ask!" He slipped out a card with coven name and contact information. "If you need a home. Talk to Mystic-husky or Ravin."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/09/19 I am sure you arent. I am fine. Everyone has good and bad moments in life. We just hope the good out do the bad.
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 "I said seems to. I havent see or talked to her in few months since Stella showed here."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/09/19 No. Her name is Amethyst and she is not a mutt a you say. Shes one of the kindred like you but she has some magic to her.
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 "you and Mona were never ones to be anything but free spirits.Though it seems Mona might of calmed a bit over the years."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/09/19 "Married with wee ones. Boru men do not stay single for long .You should know that."
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 you do what you need and single is good if that is what you want. I dont think you would be single for long.
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 * he grins* Loyal male or female are in short supply and some what of a rarity in our world let alone the human world out side of it.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/09/19 -The Irish witch nods.- " Sorry to startle you lass. Last you saw me I am sure I was a child of maybe 3-5 years old, Yeah?"
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 Sorry lass I am loyal to My wife. To my Lilly. I a m not most men in this world who only care of one thing and will sleep with anything the first chance they get. Love means m ore to me then that.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/09/19 Welcome back Isis.
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 "yes it can. I have seen it do just that many times including with myself. I dont think however he would be mean or cruel to you or any one else he was close to.I can see him not being the love longing puppy though people once saw him as or knew him to be."
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 "Aye, Stella located me looking for Mona. Mona was told about it. It took me talking to Mona to recall she was Mona's daughter. I a unaware if she found her. As for Sheridan we will see what happens. I cat see him coming back as the same man he was. Too much has happened to him in the past for him not to be affected this time from death."
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 "We should. I heard whispers that NOLA was having some native sons and daughters return. I am unsure if they mean who I think but that will be his choice in the end. he left for you again . I dont now if he has it in him to return again."
Ronan Boru 02/09/19 Welcome back Ms. Dracul. Let me now if I can be of any help to you. * Ronan looks at the woman.*
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